Cab management software has become an integral part of the taxi business today. This has helped the industry to keep up with the growing demands of customers and employees.It is practically impossible to manage a cab network without proper software.

Functions such as tracking and synchronizing location data, calculating distance traveled, managing payments, user management, etcare managed effectively using cab management software.

Here we will take a look at what is cab management software, how it works, its benefits, features, and much more.

What is Cab Management Software?

Cab management software was created to provide an excellent customer experience and streamline all cab-related operations including taxi booking, auto fare calculation, invoice generation, and payment administration. A cab management software solution streamlines the taxicab business management processes and improves the overall experience of users.

The primary requirement of every taxi business owner is to provide a stream lined cab booking solution and manage their fleet of cars through their mobile or tablets. By leveraging GPS and other latest technologies, your taxi business can be incredibly boosted.

Cab Management System is a great way to get your taxi business of the ground and run it successfully. Having cab management software is useful in all aspects of the taxi industry in today’s competitive market. The system not only helps save time when booking and dispatching taxis but also helps in attracting taxi customers as well developing your business.

Features Of Cab Management Software

Cab management software comes with many advanced features such as an admin panel, driver app, and passenger app. Let’s take a detailed look at these features.

Admin Panel

The admin panel acts as the control unit of the entire system. The home screen is organized in an orderly manner, with functions and indicators neatly placed to provide a better user experience and easier navigation. A map displaying driver whereabouts, a statistical graph showing trips and cash flow, booked trips, canceled trips, and online users are all displayed quickly on the home page. The home screen also shows fare details for each cab type, as well as ongoing rides and refused excursions.

Driver App

The Driver app provides a user-friendly experience for the driver, who can quickly learn how to use it even without much technical know-how. The program has neatly designed menus and layouts that allow drivers to effortlessly navigate the app. Depending on their availability, drivers can set their status online or offline. Customers will be able to engage with drivers once they set their status online. The pickup location, time, and destination will be communicated to the driver along with the request for a ride. The distance and fare will be automatically computed.

Passenger App

The passenger app offers an optimized user experience integrated with the latest features. This app allows users to hire cabs from anywhere, at any time, and they will be picked up quickly. They can select their preferred cab model as well as the time of pickup. The passenger will be contacted by the driver when the taxi arrives, and they will be able to view the driver’s whereabouts via GPS. Passengers can share their estimated arrival time with friends and family, and they can review the driver at the end of the trip. Passengers get to enjoy a stress-free booking process and a comfortable journey thanks to these features.

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Benefits of Cab Management Software

There are many advantages to using Cab management software to supervise your taxi business over conventional methods. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.

Higher visibility

Previously, the taxi business was constrained by several factors; however, since the introduction of taxi software and mobile applications for taxi booking, the situation has significantly changed. For your taxi business, using taxi booking apps or taxi management software will help you build your taxi network. Because white-label mobile taxi apps are so popular these days, anyone may hire a cab using only their phone. This can bring a whole new set of customers to your growing taxi service.

Boost profits

The main reason why taxi businesses seek to handle their operations using the Taxi Dispatch System is to increase profitability. To maximize their profits, taxi business owners can adjust the instructions to calculate rewards based on income for a specific day of the week, a specific time slot, and so on.

Minimize Costs

When compared to conventional methods, a big advantage of cab management software is that it is highly automated. Real-time data is directly available at your fingertips, and it can show you what is going on at the moment. This is a considerably more refined option than hiring personnel to monitor and manage your taxi service.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cab Management System

Cab management software is at the heart of any modern-day cab company’s success. Choosing the correct software for your business strategy that also meets your company’s needs is a difficult task. Do not purchase a product until you have thoroughly researched all of its capabilities. Let’s look at some of the things to consider before deciding on a taxi management system.

1. Determine your requirements

This process will ensure that you don’t end up with a system that doesn’t fit your company’s requirements. You must decide whether the cab management software you have chosen is capable of handling all of the use cases of your company. Always go with a system that can handle all your requirements.

2. Decide on a budget

There are numerous taxi management software providers on the market,each with a different price range for their products. Choose a product that is both reasonably priced and comes with all of the features you require. The easiest approach is to make a list of companies you prefer and ask them for an estimate based on your requirements.

3. Support

You must base your choice of cab management software vendor on more than just performance and features. Following the initial purchase, installation, and implementation processes, you must consider the company’s services. Check user feedback to see if the company delivers proper after-sales support and services.

Leading Cab Management Software providers

1. Infinite Cab

Infinite Cab Taxi Management Software is an on-demand taxi dispatch system with advanced features including seamless booking, effortless management, and much more. An admin panel, a driver app, and a passenger app are all included in the software package. Infinite Cab provides a smartphone app for customers to book cabs, a driver app for drivers to fulfill passenger requests, and a well-organized admin panel to keep track of everything.

2. TaxiCaller

TaxiCaller lets you save time, cut costs, and gain control of your business. Bookings can be made online, through the app, dispatch, or a corporate reception tool. TaxiCaller can also make your daily operations easier with custom reporting, invoicing, business analytics, and more. The software is incredibly dependable, with a consistent uptime. As extra services, you can add caller ID and VoIP integration of your choosing, as well as an API to connect.

3. TaxiMobility

TaxiMobility offers cab mobile applications and software that are dependable, secure, and ready to use, allowing for quick booking and dispatch. GPS tracking, real-time trip updates, and online payments are all included in the software. Their core services include courier dispatch and delivery software as well as limousine cab software.

Pricing of Cab Management System

Cab management software pricing, like any other product, can vary depending on a variety of parameters. You can find Infinite Cab management software with features such as Unlimited vehicles and users, 100% White Label Solution, Account management, Supports Customization, Hosted in your Domain, Hosted in your Server, Admin Web Panel, and much more in the price range of USD 6900 to 8900.

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If you are running a taxi business, it is inevitable that you use Taxi Dispatch Software in today’s market landscape. Here we have discussedall the details, features, and benefits of cab management software. Check out to know more about the leading taxi dispatch software.

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