Building On-demand Service Apps isn’t easy, but using them should be!

The above-given statement is true. On-demand service apps have made the life of consumers much easier and more smooth. Everything from selecting your required service to getting it delivered at your doorsteps can be done with a few taps through your mobile phone.  Life is so much easier than ever before. So the details, shared in this “Must-have features in On-Demand Service App – A Complete Guide” blog are so useful to whom, who are planning to build their on-demand service apps.

In the past, if we require service then we should do all those necessary steps manually. But how can one find time for one in this fast running world where everyone is busy working or is engaged in other important things.

That’s where the on-demand service apps like Taxi dispatch apps, Food delivery apps, Healthcare apps, Fitness Apps, etc… come into action.  They enable us to do everything that we never even dreamt of in the past. Just check the below-given pie-chart which indicates the percentage of on-demand service app users included in different age categories. The demand for such applications will only be rising in the coming future.

on-demand service app users

Well, we will be dealing with certain things like Types of On-Demand Service Apps, must-have features in On-demand service apps and a lot more in this blog.

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Various Types of On-Demand Service Apps 

On-Demand Service Apps apply to multiple industries. These apps have only boosted their impact on society. We will be discussing those different types of on-demand apps below:

On -Demand Service Apps

#1.Food Delivery App

Food delivery apps help you to order dishes from your favorite restaurants within your nearby locality. The food will be delivered to your doorstep, wherever you are! It will take only a matter of a few minutes. Some popular food delivery apps include Swiggy, Zomato, etc.

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#2. Taxi Dispatch App

Taxi Dispatch App helps passengers to book rides through a few taps on their mobile phones. A Taxi Dispatch App provides multiple facilities like automatic fare calculation, real-time tracking of the taxi, and online payment to its passengers. The leaders in this industry include Uber, Ola, and Lyft.

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#3. Doctor Booking App

A Doctor Booking App helps to avail the services of highly skilled and experienced Doctors in your nearby locality. Through a Doctor Booking App, the patients can book appointments, reschedule an appointment, cancel an appointment, pay fees online, view the doctor’s profile information, and much more!

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#4. Fitness App

Fitness apps help to lead a more healthy lifestyle from the place where you live. You don’t have to go to your personal health or gym trainer in real life. The fitness app helps you in connecting with the fitness enthusiasts from your neighborhood. ‘Vint’ is one of the most popular fitness apps that we have right now.

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Must-Have Features in On-Demand Service Apps 

The first thing that you should be having before is a clear understanding of the players that are included in your business area. Then building separate user interfaces for them is necessary. It may be in Web or Mobile Application formats.

The most common players involved in almost every on-demand service app are the customers, service providers, and the admin of the entire business. Below given are some of the advantageous features that everyone must include in their on-demand service apps.

Customer App Features

1. Search Button

Search Button allows the customers to search for a particular service or service provider that he wishes to get done.

2. Push Notification

Push notifications allow the user to get notified even if the particular apps are in closed condition. It’s a really attractive feature that every on-demand service app should possess.

3. Real-Time Tracking

Real tracking allows the customer to know exactly what is the status of the order he/she has made. For example, if its a food delivery app, then the customer can find out where precisely the delivery person has reached and plan accordingly!

4. Payment System

The payment system is an unavoidable part of an on-demand service app. Providing multiple choices will help the customer to pay the amount in a way in which he/she is comfortable. Also, make sure all the options provided are fast, secure, and reliable.

5. Favorites

Favorites section allows the customer to save their favorite service provider or item that he/she mostly prefers. It also makes sure that the customers do not have to search for the same thing again and again. Moreover, this facility helps to save customer’s time as well as energy!

6. Customer Review System

A customer review system helps the customers to provide the exact feedback on a particular service and it also helps the service providers to improve their services.

7. Customer Help

A help and support module is required so that the customer can rely on your help team if they come across any issues.

8. FAQ

FAQ section lists out the answers to the confusion that the majority of the consumers may have in their minds.

Service Provider App Features

1. Push Notification

Same as in the customer feature app, push notifications to enable the service providers to get notified if a customer makes an order. They can thus act quickly and responsibly.

2. Accepting or Rejecting Orders

The service should have an option to either accept or reject the placed orders within a stipulated time. This feature will help the service provider to reject in case any issues arise.

3. Begin or End Service

The service provider should be provided with an option to switch over between their task category, like a beginning and ending each service.

4. Revenue Module

A revenue module allows the service provider to keep track of the revenue earned by them.

5. Working Schedule

This feature allows the service provider to be active in the business during a time at which they are comfortable. This feature will allow the service provider to select a schedule they are happy working at and can start working during the time.

6. Availability Status

This option helps the service provider turn off their availability status if they are not in their working hours. Once the service provider makes his availability ON, then they will be appearing on the customers’ application.

Admin App

1. Dashboard

As an admin, he/she should be able to access multiple modules as fast as possible. So it’s very much necessary to provide a compact and user-friendly admin Dashboard in your On-demand Service App. The admin should be able to manage both users and service providers with ease.

2. The Algorithm

The matching algorithm used by your On-demand Service App is also very important. It’s the one that matches the respective service provider with the customer requests made. It can be either an automatic matching algorithm or one which is done manually by the admin. Automatic will be more manageable compared to the manual methods.

3. Manage Customers

The admin should be able to manage all the customers and the facilities they enjoy like payment, discounts, cancellation of the order, etc.

4. Manage Service Provider

Same as the one mentioned just above this facility will be allowing the admin to manage the various service providers under him/her. It includes managing facilities like incentives, earning penalties, and much more.

5. Manage Pricing and Commissions

Admin is the one who should be managing the pricing and commissions involved in the business. So, every On-Demand Service Apps should be providing the admin the same.

6. Analytics and Reports

The analytics and reports section gives out a complete and detailed report on the entire processes happening in the business. Thus it allows the admin to get a piece of exact information about the entire sections involved in the on-demand service business. Some apps even allow the admin to download the statistics in multiple formats. It all depends on the On-Demand Service App Development company that you are consulting upon.

Final Thoughts

Every on-demand service apps should have certain value-added features. Once you decide to build an app for your service, make sure that your On-Demand Service App development company provides you with the same!

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