Smartphones and its applications are ruling universally because of their easy and quick access. While talking about the digital mode of transportation, Uber-like Taxi App is in high demand to run a taxi business with just a single tap. Taxi Dispatch Software has simplified the daily transportation mode.

The Uber-like Taxi App that provides services such as booking the cab within a seconds, tracking the current location, comfortable ride, etc.


Reasons why Uber like Taxi App

Uber is a very popular and on-demand taxi service app that has created a fervency among the cab users. Developing taxi apps like Uber has its own set of benefits. We include the features which are in high demand. The Taxi Dispatch Software or Taxi Booking App can be customized to meet the client’s requirements.

#1. Caller ID & VoIP Integration

Fully customized & integrated with caller ID & VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) feature Uber like Taxi App for taxi business. This feature helps the system to fetch the previous data of the passengers such as the name, pickup and drop locations, etc.

#2. Ideal Driver and Admin Panel

The ideal Admin panel that connects driver and passengers and controls all the details of the driver and passengers. The driver panel & admin panel of the Uber Clone App stores the entire trip and transaction details of the drivers.

#3. Payment System Integration

It is better to do online transaction than managing paper invoices. Payment system integration/E-Wallet feature allows your passengers to make payments based on the distance they have traveled. While another side driver can immediately pull out the consolidated invoice details and receipts in just a few taps.

#4. GPS Integration

GPS provides the current location tracking data. Our Infinite Cab Management System also uses this tool for the tracking feature that lets passengers who have booked a taxi follow its route on a map right up to their pick-up location. The cost of ride will be calculated automatically based on  the distance and routes programmed in Google maps

#5. Live Demo

Checking demo before making a purchase is the best way to evaluate the product or service. Infinite Cab Management System provides free Taxi Dispatch Software Demo for all the panels such as Admin Panel, Driver Panel and Passenger Panel to better understand what the exactly Taxi Dispatch Software is. In our Uber like Taxi App demo feature, username and password for each panel are pre-set and given in the demo page.

#6. Customizable

Building an Uber like Taxi App with your additional or unique features make the Taxi Dispatch Software more accessible from the potential customers. We provide customized Taxi Dispatch Software that can meet client’s requirements.


Benefits of Uber Clone App

  • The easy Registration process that allows commuters to register and operate Uber Clone App using their mobiles.
  • Auto fare calculation that will provide the invoice at the end of the trip based on the distance covered and e-wallet feature allows users to register their credit/debit cards to make payments online.
  • Cab type selection facility that will allow choosing the cab as per the requirement such as budget, number of passengers, etc
  • GPS is available in the form of voice-activated navigation app

Check out some of the Noteworthy Benefits of Uber like App

It would be the best practice of recreating the uber like taxi app. Infinite Cab provides an Uber like taxi dispatch software or app that has been technologically enhanced with features.

We provide Admin Web Panel, Driver and Passenger apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Go with the Infinite Cab Management Software to reduces the dispatcher’s investment and time.

Explore our free Taxi Dispatch Software demo to review the features.



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