Most of them would have heard about the bike taxis and taxi dispatch software which is currently becoming the trend during these pandemic restrictions.

Are you looking for a good bike taxi e-hailing service? Yes! you are at the right place to know more about the popular Rapido bike taxi which is one of the top bike taxi apps in the world. Here in this article, let us look into the complete review of Rapido bike taxi. 


Founder: Rishikesh SR, Pavan Guntupalli, Aravind Sanka

Year Of Operation:2015

Country: India


Rapido Company Overview

Rapido was established in the year 2015 by the founders Rishikesh SR, Pavan Guntupalli, and Aravind Sanka. They invested in Rapido by keeping an eye on niche-market-bike taxi, which has a high potential to grow. This bike taxi bridge long mile commute with economical rides, safe riding options for the intra-city travelers, and their efforts paved the way to achieve its own brand within a short span of time. 

It is the first bike taxi app that is growing exponentially in India and achieved the largest record of 25 million app downloads and extended its service to more than 100+ cities. 

They have grabbed more than 10 million satisfied customers and have successfully run through 100 million rides

What Makes Rapido A Different Choice

They possessed a disruptive business model that added a new change to intra city travel with more convenience and it brought ease for the travelers or the riders. It provides a perfect commuting solution by making use of their two-wheelers and can get rid of congested traffic in the city.

How Does It work?

Rapido works similarly to other taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola. If you want to register with Rapido as a driver or they call it as captain, you need to own a 100cc bike, two-wheeler license, vehicle registration certificate, insurance for the bike.

Any type of bike like a motorcycle, a scooter is available on the platform. 

To use their service as a customer, you need to download their app and enable your GPS while booking for the ride. 

Enter your pick up and destination details. 

The request will be sent to the nearby captain and once they accept your request, you will get a notification and PIN for your booking with driver or captain details like name, pic, bike no: of the driver

Once the captain reaches your destination, they provide a helmet, shower cap, and sometimes raincoat before starting the ride. 

You can either choose a ride with a captain or solo ride. In the solo ride, you must have a two-wheeler driving license, once you reach your destination, the nearby captain will pick the vehicle.  

After completing the ride with or without a captain, you can provide your feedback to Rapido.

Advantages of their Service

Some of the advantages experienced by the customers are listed below:

  • Availability

Though their service starts from 6 am, sometimes they are available even at 4 am early in the morning. They extend their service to support commuters. 

  • Highly economical

When compared to other taxis like Uber, Ola, it is highly economical, the base is around Rs 15 and for any additional km, they charge only Rs 3. This benefits the daily commuters to save their money.

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  • Reliable and Safe

Many people experienced the safe and reliable rides of Rapido. Many safety features are equipped and 24×7 help and support are provided to the customers. 

  • Extended Service To Many Cities

They extended their service to more than 100 cities in India, so now it is easy for the customers to avail of the service when they move to other cities.

  • Easy Booking

They provide a pin for each booking and it is easy when compared to OTP received in other apps. Customers can easily book the ride for their friends or family.

Reviews Found Online:

Let us discuss some reviews found online. Some are positive and some are negative reviews. 

Positive reviews are as follows:

  • A customer stated that he was able to get a Rapido bike even at 4 am. This was very helpful to him during some emergency situation at that time. 
  • Most of them stated that captains were well behaved and they felt very safe during the ride. 
  • Customers were provided helmets most of the time and they had the option to report the same if they didn’t get a helmet. 
  • Most of the customers like this service as they provide a solo ride option with safety features. 
  • Daily commuters found it very helpful as it is highly economical when compared to other public or private taxis like Uber or OLA.

Negative reviews are as follows:

  • Customers who registered as drivers or captains did not find this service satisfactory sometimes as they need to travel more km to achieve their target and compensation. Sometimes they were not able to do so. 
  • Some customers found it very difficult to get drivers as there are only fewer drivers available and sometimes customers need to wait for a long time.
  • Some customers stated that Rapido took some time if there is any refund to process. 

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Hope you will find this review more helpful and we have included some of the positive and negative reviews found online and it purely depends upon the individual interest and their circumstance. 

We can conclude that it is a highly economical service when compared to public transport and sometimes we may need to wait for the drivers depending upon the availability and found that it is not very easy to cross the targets they fix for captains. However, anything is possible with your efforts.


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