Tips on Taxi Business Marketing Strategy

Online taxi culture has caught on so much so that every major in the city is serviced by taxis that are hailed online. Though there are major taxi service providers like Uber and Lyft that has been raking in profits for years now, new companies are popping up every now and then, realizing the untapped market potential of the service.

If you are one of these people with an entrepreneurial streak looking forward to starting an online taxi dispatch business, this blog post is targeted at you.

Getting a perfect taxi dispatch software, tailored to suit your needs is the first step. However, even if you get a good software, you would be lost in the crowd without the perfect marketing strategies.

How do you market your taxi business?
Well, you can opt for a combination of both online and offline strategies. A powerful offline marketing campaign coupled with a strong online campaign can create a great impact on the people.

You can always bank upon the following offline marketing strategies. We shall discuss them in detail.


Online Marketing Strategies

  • PR (Public Relation)

The online media is always on a lookout for path-breaking news that would earn them a considerable number of hits. You need to hire an experienced PR person who has considerable media contacts. He would help you prepare a good press release announcing your business entry into the market. Then, you have to send this to the local online media. Be careful to carefully choose those websites that whose visitors would be interested in your business so that they will be interested to write about the launch of your business.

  • Business Listings

You can get your business listed on some websites that publish reviews about local businesses. Some taxi companies choose to add special deals, update contact information, business hours and much more.

  • Deal sites

These sites offer deals on services like taxis, restaurants, online food delivery, salons etc. It has been observed that people visit these deal sites for good deals on services in the locality. You can tie up with a few popular deal sites in your locality to attract such customers.

  • Facebook

The power of social media in the present day is unmatched. You can create a Facebook page for your business and designate a person for managing the content on the page and regularly update the relevant and entertaining content. The Facebook page will help you to generate an awareness among the online audience about your business.


Offline Marketing Strategies

  • Branded booklet/ leaflet campaign

You can talk to the local resorts and hotels and tie up with them to be “on call” for their guests. Similarly, you can set up a kiosk at the airports to get more rides.  You can get a team of people, especially those who are looking for part-time work. Get them to hand out leaflets on the streets, colleges and business districts.

  • Promo codes and discount pamphlets

You can offer the new customers a discount on the first ride. You can hire a team to hand out pamphlets which would have promo codes for first time users. on the busy points on the streets

  • Referral codes for existing customers

You can offer the existing customers a discount for every new customer they refer into the business, which can lead to a rise in popularity of the business and also, make the existing customers stick on to the service.

  • Print media campaigns

Advertisements in local newspapers and popular magazines can help you gain the attention of the masses in the locality.

  • Radio advertisements

You can approach the local radio stations and choose an appropriate advertising campaign keeping in mind your budget. Most of the people listen to radios on their morning commute to work and while returning from work. You can choose a package so that the ad would be out during these peak hours.



It doesn’t matter how small your business is or how old it is. You will eventually break grounds if you put your heart and soul into it. If you have the marketing game on point, you will get clients. Try out a campaign that has a perfect balance of online and offline strategies to give your business the initial boost it requires.

Try a free taxi dispatch software demo to explore the features of the tax software.

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