The coronavirus has taken a toll on the economy around the globe. However, there are various online businesses growing at a fast pace. The growing market of on-demand delivery business amid COVID-19 has seen a massive surge. Ever since the pandemic outbreak, the government announced a nationwide lockdown to restrict direct exposure to COVID-19 and people all around the world started depending on the online services for their food and grocery needs. 

This isolation impacted the lives and the environmental circumstance led the online retailers to break ground on their on-demand delivery app. People started finding it very difficult to come out for their essential needs. To satisfy the needs of the people, on-demand delivery services are revamped in this quarantine period. 

The grocery and food delivery business is growing exponentially and people are satisfied with the doorstep delivery since it is a threat to go out for their food and grocery essentials. However, they are certain online platforms or retailers who failed to meet the growing demand due to certain factors.

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Let us look into the details of the growing market of on-demand delivery business amid COVID-19. 

  • Due to the pandemic, the daily users on the on-demand delivery platform increased up to 40,000.
  • The download rate of on-demand delivery apps had seen a huge surge. For example, the download rates of Walmart and Instacart grocery have been increased to 160% and 218% respectively. 
  • Though COVID-19 affected the industries and pulled down the recession period, it has provided a good opportunity for the online delivery agents and their wages per hour have been increased from $2 to $17. 
  • To meet the demands of the customers, e-commerce giants like Amazon planned to hire more than 100,000 delivery agents to meet online demand. 
  • The number of orders placed has been increased to 35% in these online platforms.

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How to retain the on-demand delivery business for a longer period?

To reach on the top of your on-demand delivery business, you need to retain the business in the online industry. Now the demand is increasing due to this quarantine period and it has shown a dramatic change in the number of sales. However, to retain your business, you need to focus on other strategies too. 

Meet the demands with proper supply chain management

Supply chain management plays a vital role in functioning the on-demand delivery business. This includes having a proper check on the good stock, choosing the goods as per the online order, making the online delivery on time, etc. 

If any of these factors are not taken care of properly, it affects the supply chain management. Hence it becomes difficult to meet the online order demand. 

Replenish the products

Due to COVID-19, the online sales of food and grocery items increased to meet the needs of food essentials. This high-speed sale may go on till this threat subsides. So it is necessary to replenish or restock the commodities before it gets exhausted. 

This measure will help to meet the online order and can avoid out of stock indication on the on-demand delivery app. This out of stock indication may not be able to attract more customers to this on-demand delivery business. They may incline towards other platforms and thus restock the required products to meet the demand.

Recruit a required number of delivery agents

At this point in time, for quick and easy food/grocery delivery we need more delivery agents to run this online business seamlessly. Customers will be satisfied only if the required essentials are delivered without any delay. So more number of delivery agents are required to meet the increasing demand. 

Many e-commerce giants started hiring delivery agents to retain the on-demand delivery business and this could add more revenue to this business. 

Introduce an on-demand delivery app

The one-stop solution for online food and grocery delivery is by introducing an on-demand delivery app. The multiple essential online services can be provided to the customers during this quarantine period. Offering multiple delivery options becomes more useful to all the customers during this pandemic. 

Users just need to navigate only a single app to order their food and grocery. So always select perfect on-demand delivery app developers who can build an on-demand delivery app with a good user interface.  

Go for user-friendly on-demand delivery mobile app

Nowadays almost all age groups know to use smartphones to make an online order as per their requirement. The quick door-step delivery revolutionized the whole food and grocery market. During this pandemic, people are skeptical about visiting the supermarket to get their essentials and this made them use on-demand delivery mobile apps. 

The user-friendly interface will allow the customers to have a quick look at the available stock and place the order. This also provides information on the left out stocks and providing the food and grocery items on one single on-demand delivery mobile app. 

Advantages of on-demand delivery app

  • Both food and grocery items can be found at one single platform
  • The service accessibility is enhanced since it manages the food and grocery delivery at one single app. 
  • Easy administration of all the activities simultaneously
  • The job becomes easy for the delivery agents as the food and grocery can be delivered together at the same time. 
  • Multiple deliveries can be made by a single delivery agent and the delivery charges can be reduced. 


Due to this lethal flare-up, the demand for food and grocery essentials have been increasing at a rapid rate. This shows the growing market of the on-demand delivery business. Since people are not able to go out during this life-threatening situation, follow the tips and measures provided in this article to sustain the market for the on-demand delivery business. 

Choose the user-friendly on-demand delivery app to run the business seamlessly.

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