The mobile technology development is going rapidly and this has made things more dependent on smartphones. That won’t be a longer novelty of booking a taxi through taxi dispatch software from your iOS and Android devices, iPads, and other tablets.

There are various tactics that will help you to grow your taxi business. However, mobile technology has been proved the latest advancement in the technology world which rules every industry in the modern world. This is the right opportunity for your taxi business to evaluate how technology-driven cab service can make more money from the little investments as well as how it can save precious time in managing dispatch services.

An effective taxi dispatch software should contain the following features to encourage taxi companies & dispatchers to grow the taxi business.


#1. Caller ID & VoIP Integration

Infinite Cab Management System provides a fully customized & integrated Taxi Dispatch Software for taxi business and also reduce the dispatcher’s investment and time. Your customers will able to use your cab service more than once in a month. Our Cab Management system is integrated with caller ID & VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) feature, that helps the system to fetch the previous data of the passengers such as the name, pickup and drop locations, etc.


#2. Ideal Driver and Admin Panel

Admin panel connects driver and passengers. Master admin panel controls all the details of the driver and passengers. The driver panel & admin panel of the taxi dispatch software stores the entire trip and transaction details of the drivers. These details can be very useful to predict the area in which drivers are more active and have more potential customers. These details also allow you to improve your service to grow your business even more. 


#3. Payment System Integration

In this fast growing world, managing paper invoices & accounts is a very time-consuming method for all taxi companies. Our integrated E-Wallet feature allows your passengers to make payments based on the distance they have traveled. While another side driver can immediately pull out the consolidated invoice details and receipts in just a few taps.


#4. Mobile Application for Driver & Passenger

Almost population around the world are using smartphones. If they are using smartphones then it is obvious that the will be using many apps for their convenience in every aspect. So it’s considerably important that your taxi hailing business should adopt the latest trends and technologies to make them more convenient. In your taxi business, with offering the mobile applications for both drivers & passengers, you can get rid of constant phone calls as well as provide the latest updates. Mobile application for your taxi service is a much better solution to stay competitive with your competitors.


#5. Maps and Location Implementation

Google Maps API has introduced the innovative map-based taxi booking service to connect driver and passenger with the live tracking data through the location tracking tool. Our Infinite Cab Management System also uses this tool for the tracking feature that lets passengers who have booked a taxi follow its route on a map right up to their pick-up location. The cost of the ride will be calculated automatically based on  the distance and routes programmed in Google maps


#6. Live Demo

Infinite Cab Management System provides taxi dispatch software Demo for all the panels such as Admin Panel, Driver Panel and Passenger Panel to better understand what exactly Taxi Dispatch Software is. In our demo feature, the username and password for each panel are preset and given in the demo page. This is one of the best features to be familiar with the software before purchasing.


#7. Dynamic Fare System

A dynamic fare feature can play an important role in your taxi software. This feature can be helpful to all parties concerned; admin, drivers, and passengers. Since drivers are usually attracted to regions with high demands, in many instances, regions with low demand face the shortage of taxis. With the dynamic fare system, admins can set fare for a particular area for a specific period. This will solve the lack of taxi availability.

#8. Reports And Analytics

As data is the most important business asset for digital businesses of any kind, wide varieties of reports and analytics are mandatory to keep up with the competition in the businesses. Same can be said in case of the taxi-hailing apps as well. Through data and analytics, valuable insights into the signing up of new users, commonly travelled routes, positive and negative feedback, etc… can also be gathered and analysed systematically.


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