Most of the major cities are expanding at a fast pace and this leads to huge traffic all over the city. It is undeniable that many people feel tired of commuting in their own vehicles. This gave a big space to all transport industries to introduce advanced trends or technology with taxi dispatch software via smartphones. As a transport industry owner, you must know how much it cost to build a bike taxi booking App.

Developing a perfect bike taxi booking app can make drastic changes in availing the services of bike-taxi. After analyzing certain important factors of the market trend, you can plan to build a bike taxi booking app.

As these apps are becoming the latest trend, many transport industries are looking for mobile app developers to build their exclusive bike taxi booking app. So you need to estimate the cost before actually starting with the development process.

In this article, you will be able to look into the factors, features that decide the cost to build a bike taxi booking app.

How Bike Taxi App Works?

  • Download the App

The user should download the app on their smartphone and proceed with the registration process. 

  • Register the user details

Get registered with the app by providing personal details like username, email id, etc. Now login to the app with the registered username and password. 

  • Initiate the bike taxi request

The customer or the passenger needs to enable the GPS feature and can view the available nearby bike taxis and can initiate the request by entering the destination. 

  • Notification alerts

Once the bike taxi request is raised by the passenger, then the nearby driver will receive the notification. Once the driver accepts the request the notification is also received by the passenger with driver vehicle no: details. 

  • Accept/Reject Request

The driver will have the option to accept or reject the request raised. When the driver rejects the request the notification alerts of the ride request will be received by the next available nearby driver. 

  • Locate the driver in real-time

Once the request is processed, the passenger will be able to locate the driver in real-time, who is approaching the customer location. This helps to know the ETA (estimated time of arrival) and plan the ride accordingly.

  • Payment processing

The customer will be able to pay for the ride while booking for the ride. The payment gateways are integrated with the taxi app and other payment options are making payments via app wallet or cash payment after completing the ride. 

If the ride is cancelled, then the amount will be credited back to the passenger’s account. Otherwise, the amount will be deducted after completing the ride.

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  • Feedback & Rating 

After completing the ride, the passengers can share their feedback. The customers can share the feedback about the ride and provide ratings for the driver 

Bike Taxi App Features That Decide The Cost To Build The App. 

1. Geolocation & Routing

The geolocation and routing are required to locate the taxi with the GPS tracking feature. It helps to view real-time activities and locate the driver. Both the passenger and the driver will be able to use this feature to locate the taxi, customer location to pick up the customer, etc. 

The routing mechanism is very important to build a bike taxi booking app and this feature also decides the cost to build the bike taxi app.

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Look into the requirements to implement the feature:

Geolocation API: To capture data regarding user location

Maps SDK tool: For the android version, this tool is required in your tech stack. 

CoreLocation framework: It is used for the iOS version. 

MapKit Framework: Required to choose routes and directions.


2. Payment Integration

Integrating payment gateways is to be considered while building your bike taxi app. The payment can be integrated with internal wallet and other payment gateways like GPay, PayPal, etc

The cost depends upon the wallet configured in the bike taxi booking app and the calculator to calculate the factors like fare per mile charge or per minute charge, etc. 

You can also implement the cashless payment features with PCI certifications. 

A good database required to store the important transaction data involved.

Payment process - Infinite Cab

3. Design For User-Friendly Interface 

The user will be more satisfied if the app is user-friendly so you need to focus on the design part while building a taxi app.

Implement the best UX/UI interface to have a simple and easy interface for your bike taxi app. keep it always clear and simple and the cost depends upon how you select the design layout.

Taxi booking app

4. Profile Management And Registration

Profile management and registration are very important features to be considered while building a bike taxi booking app. The signup part involves registration via different channels like social media platforms, mobile platforms, or email. You must also consider to include features that are required to share the feedback and ratings. 

Taxi dispatch software register now

Register Now  to explore the features


5. Interacting Via Push Notification

It is always important to interact with your customers or passengers by allowing them to receive push notifications via the bike taxi app. This will enable passengers to receive messages through their mobile or email.

Look into the below-mentioned tools for effective push notifications

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM): This can be used in case if it is an android platform.

Apple Push Notification Service (APN): This can be used in case if it is an iOS platform.

Infinite Cab- push notification

Important Factors That Decides The Cost To Build Bike Taxi Booking App


Cost To Build Bike Taxi Booking App

1. App Features

It is always important to implement exclusive features in your bike taxi app to satisfy your customers. As we have already discussed the main features involved in bike taxi development, this plays a major role in deciding the cost to develop a taxi app.

2. App Size

The company type like the established transport industry or startup company decides the app size required for their business operations. The start-up company needs to focus on their business development along with mobile app development. The established transport companies may need to focus only on the app development as it has already reached the optimized business operations.  

3. Chosen App Platform

The cost to develop a bike taxi app also depends upon the chosen app platform. You can extend your service by choosing both android and iOS platforms.

If you are planning to start with a low budget, then you can go ahead and try with an MVP product before releasing the original app version. This helps to determine your actual customer requirements.

4. Implemented Technology

The technology to be used in developing the bike taxi app depends upon the type of app to be implemented. The app can be either a hybrid or a native type of app. It is always better to implement the native app when compared to the hybrid app. The difference lies in their programming language used, architecture, and other technical aspects involved. 

The cost also depends upon the backend technology used to implement the above features in the bike taxi booking app. 

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Finally, you will be able to look into the features, factors, backend technologies implemented, architecture/ design chosen, etc play a major role in deciding the cost to build the bike taxi booking app.

The cost varies depending upon the requirements to build the app. Always choose the perfect mobile apps developers to build your own bike taxi app.  

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