The greatest development that the next decade will witness would probably be self-driven cars. We will take that to the next level and in this blog, we shall throw light on the top benefits of AI-Driven Taxi Booking Services.

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Artificial Intelligence has made rapid strides in the last decade and in the last few years, scientists have developed machines that match human intelligence in more ways than ever before. 

One of the major areas where AI has taken off to great heights is the transportation industry. Recent advances like self-driven cars from Uber and latest semi-autonomous trucks from Tesla have garnered a lot of attention from the media as well as tech enthusiasts.

So what lies ahead? Let us discuss the future of AI-driven taxi booking services.


Benefits of AI-driven taxi booking services

#1 Added Safety

In an age when road accidents are the major contributor to the spike in the human mortality rate, AI-driven taxi booking services or self-driven cars, in general, is a blessing. We should look forward to autonomous vehicles as it would decrease the road accidents substantially. Human beings, who use cars to reach their locations get distracted by a variety of things. A survey says that around 95% of the vehicles meet with an accident due to human error in one way or the other.

When we employ AI to drive cars, the technology has the potential to reduce the accidents due to distracted driving by anywhere between 75 to 90%. 

The flip side of the coin is that the technology is too expensive and the current price ranges are out of reach for everyone. Hence, the technology cannot reach the common man in the near future since it would be more than what he could afford. Nonetheless, we can expect it to evolve in the future.

AI-driven cars can also reduce the cases of Driving under intoxication (DUI) and the terrible accidents that occur due to drinking and driving. Going for a night out or a party on the weekend would be a lot safer since you would not have to worry about who would drive you back home!

#2 Rides are time for recreation.

Imagine you are running late to the office and have to brief the team about a meeting you had the previous day. That would be a horrible start to your day. Well, not anymore! You can have the privilege of reading your briefs in the commute to the office if you are choosing an AI-driven taxi service. With the advent of self-driven cars, you can read your favorite book, catch up on your sleep, watch the news or have a look at your social media handles, all while you are taking the otherwise boring commute to the office.

Now you know the reason why the autonomous cars have an option to install a flat screen television. Some even allow you to put your feet up and take the toll of the day off you.

It might seem a bit odd in the beginning, since we are so used to being in the control and behind the wheel all the time. On the other hand, imagine how much more relaxing and enjoyable would be the long commutes to office or road trips with your bunch of friends.

#3 Reduced costs

We agree that the costs of cars and trucks with autonomous and self-driven abilities is quite high at the moment. But it is not a big glitch. With the onset of more companies in this field, the prices would definitely go down. The more exciting part is that the daily expenses and operational costs are expected to go down. If you taxi a self-driven Uber or public transportation, the costs will be significantly less. Accidents will also be less and the insurance premiums will fall significantly. These cost benefits will be a Win-Win for the customers anyway.

#4 Predictive driving

Self-driven cars and autonomous vehicles have the ability to communicate with other cars and vehicles on the road. So, they can gather information while they are on the road. This facility would also enable the cars to predict accidents and this would result in fewer accidents and casualties while driving.

This is a groundbreaking technology and is being heavily tested these days. Some elements of this technology have already been implemented as some models of cars have an automatic braking system.

#5 Disabled people’s boon

Disabled people fall out in doing many activities that their normal counterparts can easily do. Driving cars is one of them. Self-driven cars are one of the modern designs that will change the lifestyle of disabled people forever. They will become more independent and have more self-confidence as they can drive themselves to wherever they need to go without sympathies and external help.

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The flipside of the coin – Are there any drawbacks

The technology of AI-driven taxi services and self-driven cars, in general, is in the very nascent stage. Scientists and mechanics are conducting tests to improve it as we speak.

Automated truck driving system and self-driven cars are sparking up hot debates in many parts of the world. The advent of this technology will mean that all future vehicles will be completely unmanned in the future if AI is widely adopted into the transportation sector. The job market in the transportation sector will be on an all-time low. Millions of truck drivers, taxi drivers, and many others will be unemployed. Though experts argue that job skills can be shifted or adapted to other sectors, but only time can prove if this would be effective.

Another factor is that the implementation of technology around the world. The majority of the third world countries do not have adequate infrastructure to adopt these technologies and put them to use. It would take a long time to put AI-driven taxis out there and turn them into a reality.


What does the future behold?

Experts say that there will be around 10 and 250 million self-driven and smart cars respectively on the road by 2020. Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes have already launched their autonomous cars, and have been received well by auto enthusiasts.

However, there is potential for a lot of improvement in terms of productivity in many industrial sectors. The supply chain industry will be hugely benefited since driving and delivering products to customers will be an easy task for such companies.

Things do look bright for AI-driven taxi booking services.

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