Infinite Cab is proud to announce the launch of cloud-based taxi dispatch software. Infinite Cab is one of the best taxi dispatch software providers powered by IOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP).

Are you looking to go global in minutes with your own e-hailing taxi business? Yes! Infinite Cab offers advanced, unique, and affordable taxi business solutions with cloud-based taxi management software. With cloud computing technology, deploy your white-labeled taxi dispatch software worldwide with a few clicks.

Here in this article, you will be able to know more about our cloud-based taxi dispatch software. I hope you all would have heard about Cloud Computing. If not, please go through to get a basic idea about cloud computing.

Infinite Cab Supports Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

The taxi dispatch software of Infinite Cab is hosted in the Cloud computing platform AWS (Amazon Web Service) with sub-domains. Here you need not invest more on servers when compared to web-based apps that were hosted locally or in -house.

You can opt for the subscription model of payment to use the software as a service and click on register to get registered with your domain.

Enter a name in the space provided to register your domain, for example, say ABCD then your domain will get registered at Also enter your, Email, Company Name, Password to successfully register with your domain.

Why Cloud-based Solutions for Taxi management software

Nowadays, Large to small scale taxi business owners need the taxi management software to  run successful taxi business. Taxi dispatch or management software manages with huge data since it involves three different modules like passenger app, driver app, and admin panel for its effective business operations.

Cloud computing platform like AWS provides a futuristic business solution by providing virtual database storage via internet technologies.

This helps to easily handle the taxi business without investing more in advance physical storage and recovery infrastructure of the organization.

Benefits and Features Of Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch Software

Very Easy To Access

They do not have to install and manage software, as it can be accessed simply via the Internet.

Cost-effective & Highly Efficient

Since there is no need for physical hardware for data storage, you need not invest much in the infrastructure for any cloud service. It results in cost reduction and less chance of downtime. Thus it improves the overall efficiency with high business productivity. 

High Data Security

Cloud-based software offers innovative and secure data storage with authentication and encryption techniques. Thus it helps to protect the vulnerable data.

Effective Remote Services

The subscribed user will be able to access the software at any remote location at any time. The users will be able to use via their smartphones and tablets.

Highly Scalable

You can scale up /down your business or IT requirements with cloud computing services. You will be able to subscribe to the services as per the requirements.

Easy Control

With cloud computing, it is easy to control huge data with proper authentication and access. This enables us to streamline the task and there is no need for any duplicate copy of the document since it can be accessed for the authorized.


It enables visibility to the data stored in the cloud computing platform with all the security measures and controls. Thus it is a highly reliable system.

Backup and Recovery

The cloud-based taxi dispatch software provides an effective backup and recovery plan. Since the data is not stored locally in house computers, there is no chance for the data disaster. Cloud computing also provides quick recovery.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find more on cloud-based taxi dispatch software. It provides information on benefits, features of cloud-based taxi dispatch software. Connect with us to get started with your own cloud-based taxi dispatch software.


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