The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on almost all business sectors, social communities, public places like hospitals, educational institutions, workplaces, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. The daily commute has been slowed down as people are exposed while waiting for public transportation and also mandatory to follow social distancing, the restrictions due to global lockdown. 

This eventually started disrupting the transportation business. However, people started feeling comfortable with the bike taxi as it is the best mobility option during this pandemic. This demand for safe-commuting paved the way for the bike-taxi business and unlike other business sectors, it offered business opportunities for the transportation industry during this COVID-19 era. 

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In this article, you can get to know how bike-taxi can help the transportation business amid COVID. 

Impact Of COVID-19 On Transportation Business 

Before looking into how bike-taxi helped the transportation business during COVID-19 pandemic, We will see how this pandemic impacted the transportation business sector. As we know all have been economically affected during this health and financial crisis, the transportation business was one of the major victims of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to global lockdown, the demand for passenger transportation has been dropped. However, the demand for food, grocery delivery is increasing day by day as people adopt a stay at home lifestyle and start purchasing their essentials online. Though there has been a great hit to passenger transportation demand, the online delivery agents or the logistics companies associated with online e-commerce platforms started opting for safe commute options. This increased the demand for a bike-taxi business, where you can opt for a bike ride without a driver so that you can maintain social distancing. This option is entirely safe when compared to the taxi business and other transport facilities like carpooling.  

Let us lookout where the bike taxi services are available during this COVID-19 pandemic and how it supports the transportation business. 

Online Delivery Services

As we have already discussed that all are moving to this new normal, the demand for delivery services is at its peak. Bike taxis are showing up the ideal service during this pandemic and the ones operating online have gained business opportunities when compared to the local courier services in the industry. 

Many e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart are facing delivery issues with a huge number of frequent small orders like sanitizers, masks during this pandemic. For small orders placed, it is highly efficient to make use of a bike taxi instead of a small truck or any other vehicle. 

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 Food Delivery

Though the majority of governments have lifted the curfew and restriction, People are still hesitant to dine out in restaurants due to which almost all restaurant’s profitability has impacted badly. So during this time, restaurant business owners need to look for shifting their business from conventional methods to doorstep delivery, which can help them to survive through this tough situation with effective solutions for doorstep delivery via bike-taxi.  

Since people always prefer to order food from nearby restaurants it is always best to choose a bike taxi to go to nearby customer destinations.

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Grocery Delivery

As the uncertainty due to this pandemic is still revolving around, people don’t know when a sudden lockdown will be announced by the Government. So most of the time, many are conscious to store essentials like groceries and due to social distancing, they place orders online or by calling the local retailers. For such quick deliveries, many local grocery stores and online grocery platforms are making use of bike-taxi effectively. 

An Indian based bike-taxi dispatch software “Rapido” gained its visibility during this crisis at popular cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad as it collaborates with the online services like Big Basket, Spencer retailer to deliver the orders placed by the customers via these platforms. Thus it enhances the transportation business during this outbreak. 

One-To-One Ride

When it comes to bike-taxi, you can also opt for one to one ride especially during this situation like social distancing and minimize physical contact to eliminate the widespread of COVID-19. When compared to other transport services like taxi or public transport, it is always best to choose a bike taxi to enhance the transport business instead of completely shutting down businesses with other vehicles. 

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Services In Rural Areas

Governments have taken steps to encourage and introduce two-wheeler services in rural areas. Many transport service providers are introducing a bike taxi service in rural areas so that it helps the farmers to deliver their products personally. However, the rigid bike-taxi system provides perfect mobility solutions in rural areas and will ease the delivery burden. 

Opened Up Employment Opportunities In Transportation Business

Many are losing jobs due to this economic crisis and as we discussed the passenger commute is almost null due to restrictions and many are looking for micro-mobility solutions so as to travel or deliver essentials safely. Bike taxi services are on-demand and it opens up new employment opportunities, which helps to achieve economic stability and particularly enhances transportation business. 

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Though there is a slight lift in the restrictions during this COVID era, people are still not comfortable to make use of any public transport or taxi or any other vehicles for any purpose like traveling or delivering online orders/ food/ groceries, so bike taxi services are booming and bringing up the sinking transportation business with wide business opportunities. 


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