On-demand Transportation Software is making headlines in the tech circle these days, all thanks to mobile phones and internet connectivity taking over our lives more than ever.

The service, coupled with on-demand transportation software is estimated to be worth at least $290.3 billion by 2015.

Now, that is huge, isn’t it? Well, the transportation industry is thriving on the on-demand transportation services.

Let us see what exactly is an on-demand transportation software.


What is the on-demand transportation software?

Technology plays the center stage of the on-demand transportation software. This software delivers solutions that enable the transportation companies to allocate transportation facilities as and when the user makes a demand through mobile applications.

The software consists of the admin dashboard and a separate mobile application for the driver as well as the passenger.

The mobile applications are equipped with geolocation facilities. This technology detects the locations of the driver and the passenger when they go online.

The passenger will make a request for the ride by putting in his location (which is automatically detected by the app) and his destination. The admin analyses this location and allocates a driver who is the vicinity of the passenger. The driver gets a request to take up the ride, who then has a choice to accept or reject the ride request. If he is willing to take up the ride, the driver can ring up the passenger and go to him for the ride.


Features of On Demand Transportation Software

FEATURES of on demand transportation software

  • Accurate Geolocation

The admin should know the location of the passenger to allocate the taxi and the driver should get there accurately. This is essential for the smooth functioning of the business. The good on-demand software consists of features like geolocation facilities to detect the passenger location accurately.

  • Demand – Supply matching

Again, this is in conjunction with the aforementioned point. The key to the excellence of any taxi dispatch business is the lesser waiting time for the passenger. For this, the admin should be able to match the demand of the ride with the passenger effectively. The admin dashboard has all essential features like driver’s location mapping to do this matching in a breeze.

  • Passenger safety

There are plenty of features in the software to ensure the safety of the passenger during the course of the journey. The passenger has the option to share his/her location as well as the details of the vehicle to a close friend or relative so that in case of any mishap, the relative can track the passenger’s location very easily.

  • Route Guidance

The on-demand transportation software has an accurate geolocation facility so that the driver can take the passenger to his/her drop location by the shortest route in the least time.

  • Pre Booking facility

If you are planning to take a ride in the future for which you would like to make a booking now, on-demand transportation software takes care of it all!


Why On-demand transportation software? – advantages

advantages of on demand transportation software

  • Flexible mobility

The on-demand software offers flexible options to undertake the trip. The riders can choose the route of the journey. He /she can either go for the fixed-route or on-demand route and charges will be made accordingly.

  • Accurate requests

The mobile application and interactive web interface make it easy to request a ride and the GPS facility gives an accurate wait time and real-time visibility.

  • Automated Dispatch

The riders will have a shorter wait time due to the intelligent assignment of the vehicles on the basis of proximity, current heading, capacity, and perfect matching logic.

  • Real-Time Reporting

The admin has the option to see all the vehicles, the vehicles currently on the trip and the vehicles awaiting the trip along with their locations on the dashboard.



The transportation sector is undergoing a major revamp and on-demand transportation software is at the helm of it. If you are a young entrepreneur looking forward to starting a great business in the online transportation sector, get your hands on the on-demand transportation software today

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