Ever wished to hail a ride just with a single tap? Several Companies have developed user-friendly taxi booking apps that make rides just one tap away. The advancement of technologies and the abundance of taxi apps have changed how cabs are hired.

There are lots of top taxi service app development companies that have developed Taxi Dispatch Software with stunning features to make rides easier and faster than before all across the world. The cab booking industry has been steadily cruising on an upward trajectory for the past few years.

Here we will take a look at the top 10 Taxi Booking App Companies in the World.


#1. Uber

Taxi App Uber Logo

Uber is the most popular ride-hailing service, and you can use it to submit a trip request that will be automatically sent to a nearby Uber driver, alerting them to your location. An Uber driver will receive your request and will then arrive to pick you up and bring you to your chosen location.

  • Book a ride for now or later
  • Real-time tracking of driver
  • Allow people to follow your ride in real-time
  • Multiple payment options
  • Preferred driver


#2. Lyft


Lyft is a US-based taxi service app available in more than 60 cities across the United States and is one of the best taxi apps to make ride-hailing easier, safer, and more trustworthy. It only approves the drivers having a valid driver’s license and checks DMV and background. 

  • Attractive User Interface
  • Users can track their rides and driver details
  • The average waiting time is 6 seconds
  • Alternatives include Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line
  • Users can ride alone or in a group of six members

#3. Hailo


Hailo is one of the fastest-growing online taxi companies in the UK, launched in November 2011. It is trusted throughout the world. The service is available in more than 20 cities, including London, Madrid, Barcelona, Osaka, and all across Ireland.

  • Users can book a cab on behalf of others
  • Users can pay the cab fare from the app right away
  • Premium users can ride business class
  • Available in Singapore for metered taxis


#4. Ola

One of the fastest expanding taxi app companies, Ola now covers over 100 cities across India. It offers an order of vehicle types: small cars, metered cabs, standard sedans. Additionally, there’s Ola Auto for hailing tuk-tuks. Ola provides the fastest way to book a cab from anywhere in the city, right on your smartphone.

  • Economical fares
  • Provides verified drivers and cleanliness, safety, and comfort trips
  • Prompt confirmation of a booked ride
  • App interface that indicates the location of the ride
  • One of the most extensively used ride-hailing apps in India
  • Want to know more about Ola? Checkout our ola business model review


#5. Grab Taxi


Grab Taxi is one of the top taxi companies in Southeast Asia. With over 75,000 drivers registered on the network, GrabTaxi has one of the biggest fleets of ride-hailing vehicles. It has been incredibly popular taxi application across Southeast Asia with over 3.8 million mobile application downloads.

  • Go-to taxi-hailing service in Southeast Asia
  • Available in 21 different cities across 6 different countries
  • Named the Frost & Sullivan Best Travel App
  • One of the best taxi-hailing experiences

#6. Didi Dache

Didi Dache

Didi Dache was established by the merger of China’s top two ride apps. The resultant company has the support of web giants Alibaba and Tencent. Didi Dache is one of the leading taxi apps used in China covering more than 300 cities.

  • Available only in China
  • Accessible from within WeChat
  • Has apps for iOS and Android

#7. Gett


Gett is also a US-based Taxi booking app. It was previously known as Getting Taxi and is one of the fastest-growing taxi services in the USA. In Europe, Gett is available in more than 60 cities worldwide, including London, Moscow, and NYC. In London alone, more than half of all black cabs run on Gett.

  • Estimated arrival time and driver information
  • TLC licensed and tested drivers
  • Cashless payments
  • Raised $520 million in venture funding
  • Selected by Forbes as one of the “top 15 explosively growing companies”


#8. LeCab


LeCab is a France-based taxi service established in 2012. It operates in Paris, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. LeCab has built its reputation for unsurpassed service in Paris. It is fast growing as a popular ride-hailing app with over 70,000 active users and an increasing number of vehicle fleets in France.

  • Uses the standard Peugeot 508, Made In France vehicles
  • Re-booking your ride in one click
  • Shake your smartphone to reset the details
  • Tons of other cool mobile application features


#9. Cabify

Cabify features a fixed and transparent rate system, which ensures that users are not price gauged. Cabify facilitates people to book their business and formal trips in advance. Corporate traveling provides invoices, an account manager, lower rates, multiple account support, and many other great features.

  • Users can book cabs for someone else
  • Charges fixed price per KM
  • Suited for corporate travel
  • Available in multiple cities

#10. BiTaksi


BiTaksi is one of the most popular taxi companies in Istanbul with over 34,000 taxi drivers and over 200,000 registered users. This is one of the few taxi-hailing services to have introduced an in-app credit card payment system. Bitaksi brings cashless payment to Istanbul. 

  • In-app details like the current traffic on the route
  • Improved efficiency and service reliability
  • Track ride location
  • Driver ratings provided


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There are certain FAQs you might be having

  • Which are the best taxi service providers in Australia?

There are plenty of taxi companies in Australia. Few of them are Go Catch, Uber, Ingogo, etc. 

  • How to start your own taxi business?  

Starting your own taxi business is a great idea in the digital world and it requires certain steps to be followed which should be systematic and efficient so that you can reap the best from them. Follow steps on how to start your own taxi business.

  • Which are the top taxi companies in Singapore?

There are several taxi companies expanding in Singapore like  Comfort Taxi, City Cab, etc. Here is the list of top taxi companies in Singapore


All the above taxi app companies create Uber Clone Taxi App yet unique and they all are popular in different countries and cities where they serve their services.

Day by day increasing use of the taxi app indicates that the ride-hailing app gives flexibility and power in the customer’s hands and made a Taxi cab booking very easy and fast.

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