Affiliate programs have been linked with taxi booking platforms for quite some time now. And it has proved worth all the participants who are active members of the taxi business. It may be a customer, the owner, or the service provider like taxi drivers, etc. Affiliate programs for taxi booking software can be linked with almost all types of websites related to travel and tourism activities.

The online taxi booking will one of the areas of interest for the ones who mainly visit the websites related to tours and travels. And providing them all the necessary information regarding taxi booking will help to proper the taxi business industry as well it provides you an additional income.  It enhances the user experience of the website visitors.

And if you are really planning to benefit the most from online taxi booking platforms, run your own affiliate program using an affiliate software.


The Actual Role of Affiliate Programs on Taxi Booking Platforms

The process happening here is almost the same as it works in other affiliate programs. The taxi booking business of a particular company will be promoted through the affiliate members through mainly three methods.

  • Deeplinks
  • Banners, and
  • Widgets

But affiliates acts as a perfect platform which links the visitors to the taxi booking websites or applications. Although this is the case the actual booking can be done only through their website. The affiliate methods open up a new road to reach out to the destination, which is the taxi booking website.

Every affiliate will be provided a percentage as the commission for every booking completed by the customers who reach out to the main website from the affiliate website. The tracking will be done based on the tracking cookie.

The commission will also be changing based on the volume of the rides booked and many factors like that, etc.


Some Best Affiliate Programs For Taxi Booking Platforms

1. Kiwi Taxi

The affiliate program offered by Kiwi Taxi is one of the best options if you are planning to join an affiliate program based on taxi bookings and more. Kiwi Taxi has more than 575 partner carriers in about 98 countries across the world. And this is what makes the customers book a taxi from their website in almost all the major cities like Phuket, Moscow, New York, London, etc. In almost 84% of the regions in the world, Kiwi Taxi has different affiliates and they are working really hard to benefit the maximum from their Affiliate programs.


The affiliate program offered by the Taxi2Airport is a perfect opportunity for the ones who are in search of connecting your business to a global taxi booking platform. They act as a perfect platform and allows to integrate the customers with their taxi booking services. The other features include getting an insight into the real performance of the affiliates and can earn a favorable commission on every booking made.

Some of the major benefits of the includes:

  • Affiliate Tools

They provide all the necessary tools required to track and thus benefit the most from the affiliate program. You can try adding some affiliate links or banners on your website and earn a really good commission from every completed sale.

  • User-Friendly Widgets

They also offer some exciting features like adding their widgets and you can really earn a good amount. Such widgets make it possible for the users as they start filling the information required for traveling on your website.

  • Higher Commission offers a commission of up to 12%, which is really high when compared to other platforms.

  • A well defined Sales Report 

Another major tool that provides is a detailed sales report which allows tracking the performance of your affiliate links, banners, and widget campaigns. This feature allows reaping the maximum from the affiliate campaigns which we run.

3. Lookna Taxi

Lookna Taxi affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for small companies to reach out to the maximum people and face tough competitions from the multinational giants in the taxi industry. 

Some of their features include:

  • High Commission
  • Limitless Earning Potential
  • Joining is Free
  • Easy Promotion
  • Simple Payout Mechanism
  • Live Dashboard

4. is another taxi affiliate program that offers its affiliates the best benefits. Some of their exciting features include competitive commission rates, joining is completely free. Wheelytransfers provides the services of almost all types of vehicles and the ones which suit all types of occasions. And if you own a business related to travel and tourism then joining their affiliate program will be an added advantage as there is much demand for the variety of their services and you can really attract a lot of customers and earn a good income.

5. Book Taxi Barcelona

Book Taxi Barcelona is a taxi business firm which concentrates in the city of Barcelona and other cities in Spain. Joining their affiliate program will be truly beneficial for you in a lot of ways. This affiliate program is the most suited for people who run small business websites that are related to travel and tourism or that is related to the city of Barcelona. You can make a really good amount by joining the affiliate programs run by Book Taxi Barcelona.


Affiliate Marketing is a practice in which affiliates recruit sub-affiliates and earn a fixed reward. Read in detail about how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.



This blog tries to list out the various taxi affiliate programs which offer the best to its affiliates. Well, be an active affiliate marketer by joining any of these if you feel they do provide you the best benefits. Also, make sure that you read all the instructions and other terms and conditions before actually joining one!



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