What is an On Demand Delivery App

What Is On Demand Delivery app – A Complete Guide

The new business service emerging globally at a fast pace is the service of the on demand delivery app. Entrepreneurs are competing around to provide the non stop solutions for any doorstep service via the app developed for their business. 

It is possible via on-demand delivery apps. The app developed for delivering food, groceries, hailing a taxi is commonly known as an on-demand delivery app. 

Build an On Demand Delivery App for your Business

Many businesses are in need of on-demand delivery irrespective of their service or products. Though it is a new business service, it is gaining its popularity among the massive customer base globally.

Here in this article, we will look into a complete guide on- “what is on-demand delivery app”.


What is On Demand Delivery App?

The App which is used as an interface between the customer and the service provider for all the doorstep services is commonly known as On-Demand Delivery App. 


The current trend and market- On Demand Delivery App

When you talk about the current market and trends of the On-Demand Delivery App, the first App which strikes your mind is Uber. Uber has made a revolutionary in this fast-growing on-demand business service. 

It has been more than 6 years since they have launched the “Uber X” project.  


  • The economic growth of on-demand business services was off the charts. This remarkable growth vanished the traditional industries and it was replaced with the advanced on-demand delivery apps. 


  • On-demand delivery apps are much needed in this current economy. If you want to hail any service or order any item from any corner of this world, it is made possible via these on-demand delivery apps.


  • The current on-demand delivery app depends upon the mobility factor. It means the movement of the services and goods to the customer access point and makes the customer more convenient. Moreover, it offers easy access, user-friendly interface, and payment options.  


Now we look into the different on-demand delivery apps which depend upon the business services.


Some important service categories of on-demand delivery apps.

There are a huge number of services and products which may require on-demand delivery apps to enhance their business in this modern world. Some of the important services fall into the below categories.


1. Package delivery Apps

Package delivery apps are known as “Uber for Couriers” and helps in delivering any type of product, stuff, or courier. Roadie is a perfect example of this type of platform where the app connects between the sender and the receiver.  


2. Food-delivery Apps

Food delivery apps connect the customer with different available restaurants on the app. This will allow the customer to order the food item from the restaurant and can schedule the order as per their convenience. The status of the food delivery agent can be tracked via the food delivery app. For example, you all would have heard about Uber Eats. It is a perfect example of a food delivery app. 

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3. Transport and logistics services

The fast-emerging transport industries have opened up space for many taxi-hailing apps. All would have heard about the most popular taxi-hailing company Uber. Here the customer can book a taxi via the Uber taxi app and can track the driver reaching the customer location with the help of the app. 

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4. Healthcare Service

Nowadays there are doctor booking apps, medicine delivery apps. This will also allow the healthcare services at your doorstep. The patient will be able to track the doctor’s visit time or track the ordered medicine delivery time. 

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On-Demand Delivery App-Different types of sender and receiver

Basically, the app is used between the sender and the receiver. There can be different types of sender and receiver of on-demand delivery Apps. 

 Depending on various service providers and service seekers, the on-demand delivery app can be categorized into the following types:


1. P2P- Person to Person

The courier app is an example of P2P. Here a person sends an item to another person. 


2. B2P- Business to Person

Here the companies developed on-demand apps for their business and they provide their service to customers. This type of on-demand delivery apps is called B2P. For example, the food delivery app of Domino’s pizza will allow the customers to order the pizza and track the pizza preparation, pizza delivery, etc. 


3. B2B-Business to Business

This type of B2B apps is used for communication between two business parties. For example, the organization uses an on-demand delivery app to order something from its vendor.


How an On-Demand Delivery App Works?

All types of On-Demand Delivery App have the same functions and features. This platform is developed by considering service provider and service requester.  

Delivery Request

This feature is to raise a request by the customer like placing a food order, hiring a taxi and the request will be dispatched to the service provider.

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The assigned delivery agent/driver picks up the customer/ food order from the source location (Customer location/Shop/Restaurant).



It shows the real-time tracking of the delivery agent/ driver reaching the source location. It helps the customer to view the whole real-time process tracking. Push notifications are also updated to the customer as well as to the agents or drivers. 


Payment options/ POD ( Proof of Delivery)

The customer pays for the ride or pays for the order placed via the payment options available in the app. Once the ride is completed or the order is delivered, the customer confirms and then the amount gets deducted from the customer’s account. POD (Signature, OTP) is taken from the customer for the confirmation. 


Ratings & Feedback

This feature is very important to rate the service provided to the customer. Good feedback and high rating ensure the success of an on-demand delivery app. Based on the experience, the customer can rate the app by providing positive or negative feedback.  


The important features of an On-Demand Delivery App

Though there can be different customizations in different apps, the basic features of the on-demand delivery app will be the same. 


1. From the customer point of view: The important features to be included in the app from the customer point of view are as follows: placing an order or raising the service request, real-time tracking, scheduling the order or ride, payment options, rating, and feedback. 


2. From the delivery agent/driver point of view: The features to be included in the app from the driver/delivery agent point of view are as follows: Easy registration in the app and need to receive the admin approval. The pickup point or source location, delivery location or destination. The distance between the two locations need to be very clear to the delivery agent or the drivers.

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Once the service request is accepted or rejected, the status should be updated to both the customer and the delivery agents or drivers. All the booking histories, the status of all orders, canceled order history should be updated to both the parties. 


3. From the Admin point of view: An online portal should be available to track the process happening between the customer and the delivery agents/drivers. Push notifications to be updated to both the parties to keep them in the loop from the initial phase to the final phase of the process. 

The driver or the delivery agent needs to confirm the completion of the process with POD. Admin also requires real-time tracking to be aware of the entire process happening between both the parties. Reporting features can be included to improve the service by analyzing the profit or data. 


How to improve your on-demand delivery app?

  • At the initial phase, build locally. 
  • Go ahead with a pre-launch marketing.
  • Offer reward or loyalty programs.
  • Build partnerships.
  • Include a feedback and rating system.


How much does it cost to build an On-Demand Delivery App

Some of the important factors which decide the cost to build an On-Demand Delivery App are the following:

  • The type and number of platforms to be supported for both the service requester and service provider.
  • The features to be integrated on both the apps.
  • Whether an MVP or a full product to be released in the market.
  • The support after the post-release of both the apps. 

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Hope in this article, you will be able to find the complete guide on what is an on-demand delivery app. It provides information like features, working of the app, types of app, how to improve the app-service, factors deciding the cost to build the app. 

Choose the right on-demand delivery app service provider to build your own App for your business. 


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