New York, the melting pot of all cultures. In this blog, I will list out the top taxi companies in New York. With the onset of mobile applications and increased use of smartphones in our daily lives, we are heavily dependent on technology to go through each day. As in all other sectors, the advent of smartphone technology creates a revolution in taxi service too.  With just a smartphone with internet connectivity, we can get a taxi where we are to go to whichever place we want.

In a highly dense city like New York, the online taxi services are highly popular. Let us see the top taxi companies in New York.


#1. UBER

Uber is a company whose name is synonymous with the online taxi service. The company began its operations in 2009 in San Francisco, California.  The passengers can book cabs over both websites as well as mobile interfaces and it provides them a quotation of the fares before the ride considering a lot of factors like peak hours, traffic, etc. Upon completing the ride, passengers can pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Unified Payments Interface, etc. Uber operates in more than 100 countries around the world and offers several subsidiary services like UBER Pets, UBEREats, etc.

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#2. LYFT

It is an online taxi service that is located in San Francisco, California. lyft was launched in 2012 across more than 300 cities across the United States of America including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The company claims to undertake more than a million rides in a day and is hugely popular among the New York City commuters. As in any e-hailing, the taxis are booked by the online mobile application. The passengers, upon installing the application on the phones, will request a ride from the drivers. When the driver accepts the ride, the application shares the contact details, music preferences etc with him and he will go on to pick up the passenger.

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Kabbee offers a slightly different kind of services in comparison with other taxi services. the company began its services in London and later on moved to New York and other cities in the US. It is a minicab booking and price comparison app. The application offers five different quotations for a particular ride from Point A to Point B and the passenger has the liberty to choose the least quoted ride.

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#4. CURB

Curb is one of the top taxi companies in New York that allows the passenger to book a cab from their smartphone. Unlike Uber and Lyft, the passenger need not compromise with any private car but rather can choose an insured and professional driver. There are options to pay the fare in cash or by Credit Card. The service operates in more than 47 cities in the US.

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There a lot of other conventional taxi services too, like the Yellow Cab that is still highly popular among the people in New York.

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