In this writing, we will look into the complete review of the Kapten Taxi-A ride-hailing app.

Overview of Kapten

Name: Kapten

Industry: Ridesharing

Founded Year: 2012

Founder: Yan Hascoet



Summary of Kapten

Kapten Taxi app is the second-largest ride-hailing app in London. In 2012, Kapten was established and based in France. During May 2012, they planned and launched in London.

Chauffeur-Prive, a French based company, was to expand and change its name to Kapten. Yan Hascoet is the CEO and founder of Kapten. The user base was around 2 million in France. Recently they launched in Lisbon, and the user base is around 80,000 in Lisbon. It is planning to launch its service in Geneva, and it is estimated that it would cover 15 major cities in London by 2020.


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The important highlights of Kapten Services in London

  • Around 16,000 drivers joined Kapten during September 2012, and they motivated their driver-partners to have an electric or hybrid car.
  • The general manager of Kapten Mr. Zabrocki stated that they consider more important to the environment.
  • They offer £10.50 bonus every day for the drivers who opt for a hybrid or electric cars.
  • It also supported a car-free day in London though it disrupts their taxi business.
  • The general manager also stated that they are developing new features so that it is easy for the customers to order a green car.
  • Within four months of its launch, it has galloped the position of the second-largest ride-hailing app in London.


Kapten integrating intelligent Apps

An automation industry Daimler AG acquired a share in Kapten, which was previously known as Chauffeur-Privé. The BMW Group, combined with this automation industry to form an Intelligent App.

Various services of Intelligent Apps like parking services, free-floating services, charging services are integrated with the Kapten taxi app.

The ridesharing services of Intelligent Apps are yet to be merged with Kapten services.

The CEO of Kapten Mr.Hascoet stated that ridesharing services are highly competitive and it is planning to merge the scooter service of Intelligent Apps with the Kapten services.


The changes implemented in Kapten Services

To come up with an exclusive advertising campaign, Kapten used the re-branding process and the company was ready to spend Euros for the same.

Just like Uber, they changed the minimum price from €8 to €6, and for the time being, they paid the driver-partners €8.

Kapten services started charging 20% on each ride.

The free waiting time has been from 5 minutes to 3 minutes so that the drivers can optimize their time.


Revenue of Kapten Services

In the past 7 years of taxi business service, it handled more than 2 million clients and extended its service to more than 200 companies. The number of rides completed by those companies was around 20 million.

Currently, around 22,000 drivers are working with Kapten taxi services.

In 2016, the revenue generated was around  $54.9 million. In 2017, it was around $113 million and in 2018, it was around  $180.8 million.


Benefits offered by Kapten Taxi App Services

  • It offers loyalty programs with free rides and exclusive benefits.
  • The price is always constant and never depends upon the traffic.
  • They provide trained and professional drivers for customer safety.
  • They provide extended service via multi-channel support.



In this article, you will be able to find the complete review of Kapten taxi, which is a ride hailing app. This also provides the  summary, revenue details, the important benefits and highlights of Kapten taxi services.

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