Want to enhance the stability of your taxi app solution to get the best returns from your taxi business?

We are there to help you anytime!

We will see why our taxi booking app is perfect for enhancing stability to your taxi business!

Your taxi business can prosper if you get the right app on board and frame a perfect business strategy.

But your job is not over after just selecting the best taxi app in the market. You should check out whether they have the

best support mechanisms even after the purchase of the app.

Build your Taxi Booking App with Infinite Cab and get post support services.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about what all post to support you can get for your Taxi Dispatch Software.


How to Enhance Stability of your Taxi App with Our Support?

  • Active Support

The passengers should have someone on their part when they get into issues with the drivers or due to us.

The best possible way is to set up a customer support desk to offer a systematic resolution to their complaints.

There are two ways of support. Either you could provide active support or passive support.

Active support is what the customer prefers mainly because customer support resolves the issues at hand or instantly.

  • Phone Support

Phone support was the first way of customer support before the internet or email came. It’s still a popular choice.

So we always recommend providing your customers with 24*7 support with less wait time.

But there are chances where the passengers may have to wait for more since all the executives may be on call at the time.

Hiring too many executives also increases the cost of operation on the other hand.

So offering the phone support is advisable only if you can afford to resource-wise as well as cost-wise.

  • Passive Support

Sometimes customers prefer passive support options because they maybe not in a  mood to have an active conversation

with a support executive. They may be happy if the problem is solved sometime later.

  • Chat Support

Chat support is very popular among the new-age startups with the latest technology of Chatbot development entering the

mainstream phase.

One of the major advantages of chat support is that a single desk executive can manage 2-3 streams of chat at a single time

and 6-7 with the help of a chatbot.

The most successful support option in the context of taxi dispatch app solutions would be providing in-app chat support

with a combination of chatbots and humans.

  • Email Support

For support, most of the companies offer email support to their customers. Email support is what mostly the busy working

people rely on. It’s completely useful during the working hours and even after that.

  • Delivering the Support

The support options should be provided within the app. That is the customers can use the chat support without leaving the

app. But in the case of phone and email support, they might have to move out of your app to the dialer or email app on

their phone.



Taxi booking apps have been a great success ever since its inception. The present-day business owners know it very

clear that it is very much necessary for managing their taxi business if they need to make the best margin from their


However, when you planning to reap the best from your taxi business, it is important to understand the market trends and

the needs of the target customers.

So it’s always recommended to provide the best customer support options to satisfy your valuable clients.

Remember “Customer is the King!”

If you have made up your mind to get a taxi booking app which enhances the stability of your taxi business, then get in

touch with us.

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And also, Try a Free Taxi Dispatch Software to understand the features of a Taxi Software.



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