Top Taxi Booking Apps in London

Taxi booking app

Today every people run behind sophisticated technology to make their life comfortable. One such example is a taxi booking app. In earlier times people were supposed to walk on to the streets and wait there for finding a taxi. But today the trend has completely changed, ie every people can hire a taxi easily without waiting outdoors and spending their valuable time for that. The passenger just need to install a taxi booking app on his/her smart phone for hiring a taxi from the place where the passenger is!

These are some of the Top taxi booking apps used in London :




taxi booking app

Uber is probably the most well-known and it is the biggest taxi dispatch company all over the world. The taxi booking app is very famous in London and the majority of people are using this app for hiring a cab. The passenger can choose the pickup and drop off locations using the Uber app. This taxi app will let the passenger to know the fare details. Also, the passenger can choose the car through Uber app and can locate the driver’s position. The main benefit of uber taxi booking app is that no need to carry cash while traveling, the passenger can pay using uploaded credit/debit or PayPal. Uber taxi app provides an amazing safety feature ie, The passenger can share ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) with whom the passenger is going to meet. Uber taxi app will also show the driver’s name, photo, vehicle make, model and registration number. You can find the uber taxi booking app on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

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taxi booking appAside from having a brilliant logo, Kabbee works with licensed minicab providers to save passengers money from. After choosing your pickup and drop off locations the KABBEE taxi booking app will let you know the cab availability with the cheapest price. Choose the mode of payment through KABBEE taxi app. If you use KABBEE taxi for several times and if it crosses a particular distance you will get discounts and other special offers. You can avail KABBEE taxi booking app on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store or Blackberry World.

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taxi booking app

HAILO is a perfect taxi service available in London. Their taxi app is very user-friendly. Using a smart phone you can open this taxi app and find the current location. Once you provide the necessary information in the required fields please tap “Pick me up” and choose the type of payment you prefer and tap “Hailo Now”. Now the nearby driver will receive the notification from you and will be on the way. Once the driver accepts your request you will get the details about driver and car. When the driver reaches your location this taxi booking app will notify you.






taxi booking app

GETT is a coolest taxi booking app that allows the passengers to book traditional London cabs. The passenger needs to share the pick up and drop off locations then the passenger can track the taxi arriving the pick up location. The passenger can also choose the type of payment ie, to pay in cash or with a Credit/Debit card suing GETT taxi booking app.

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5. MAAXI Taxi Booking App


taxi booking app

Maaxi is the world’s first door to door public transport network – a taxi booking app that allows the passenger to share black cab journey with passengers going the same direction as you. This taxi booking app will give you the details of how many cabs are going in the same direction and will also let you know how many cabs are being picked up and can also know the estimated cost for travelling once you select the pick up and drop off option in the MAAXI taxi booking app. The passenger can also request to have all female or all male passengers cab types.

The chief secret behind every Successful taxi companies is because of the quality service they deliver to the passengers and this quality factor is achieved with the help of a taxi booking app. There are different types of taxi booking apps available but it is important for taxi business owners to buy a taxi booking app with ample features included in the taxi dispatch software! It is recommended to buy a taxi booking app after trying out the taxi dispatch software demo.

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