Ways to Keep Taxi Customers Happy and Returning

  Be it any business, customers will be a part of your business to avail your service. If your service is satisfying the customers you can stay profitable with your business.  The same merges well with the Taxi business. You need to ensure customer satisfaction in the taxi business because customers are the key to your success. Accomplishing the taxi business with very good feedback from customers is not an … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Taxi Booking App Companies in the World

  Ever visualized getting a ride just one tap away? Several Companies have developed user-friendly cab booking apps that made ride one tap away Earlier, people were used to traveling by waving the arm waiting for a taxi. That was the former century tactic. In place of that now, an app does all the work. There are lots of top taxi booking app development companies who have developed Cab Management … [Continue reading]

How to use mobile app in Fleet Management

  Are you all updated in your Fleet Management business? Are you using a mobile app in fleet management? Or still finding it tough to sort out through piles of papers, or doing almost the entire jobs manually? Using a perfect mobile fleet management app or the latest mobile technologies will help you to manage your taxi business and your entire team to work more efficiently and smartly. Or in other words, … [Continue reading]

Changing roles of taxi now and in the future

  Taxi! This was the word that we all used to shout in the streets whenever we required a vehicle for our transportation needs. Those days are almost gone (even though it’s still there in some parts of the world). Automation has begun to transform the entire fields, and the taxi industry is not different too. The automation of the taxi industry has been a boon to the taxi company … [Continue reading]

Comfortdelgro Multi National Land Transport Company – A Complete Review

Taxi dispatch companies are mushrooming left right and center. If you land up in a new city and look for ride-hailing taxi service, I am sure you will have options of at least half a dozen.  Know more about Taxi Dispatch Software for complete solutions for your Taxi Business. In this blog, we shall review Comfortdelgro, a major taxi dispatch company quite popular in South Asian countries like Singapore.   … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Features to include in Taxi Booking App

I am sure that nowadays everyone would like to save time in this busy world. Exploring new places while traveling from one place to another place feels good but how to travel that comes into the mind. Waiting for a taxi to move to an important place or office is really hectic. Here comes a solution for all these is to book a taxi through Taxi booking App. It ensures … [Continue reading]

List of Top Taxi Companies in Italy

Read about our List of Top Taxi Companies in Italy. In the present world, Cab’s powered by a Taxi Dispatch App has been the most preferred choice for tech-savvy travelers. But even most of the customers have agreed on one thing that the traditional taxis do have their charm! Apart from being a convenient and reliable mode of transportation, these taxis which are licensed to transport passengers for a certain … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Features Of Uber Taxi That Every Taxi Business Startups Must Know

Check out the top 10 features of Uber Taxi That Every Taxi Business Startups Must Know below! And hope it would be a helpful guide for those taxi startups, which want to develop a successful taxi dispatch software & mobile apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft. This blog will be dealing with the top 10 features that taxi business startups can accommodate in their taxi app and hence be successful! … [Continue reading]

Online Taxi Business – The Tales of Success

Online taxi business has been in top form in the last few years. It appears that many great apps reached their success by offering trustworthy solutions for all users who live or travel in big cities. In this blog, we shall discuss the top Success Stories in Online Taxi Business. It will be a good opportunity for you to explore interesting strategies that have worked for these businesses so that … [Continue reading]

Technology Stacks and Costs in Developing Logistics and Transportation Apps

  Technology has been changing everything ever since its boom! And the case with logistics and transportation are no exception to this. The various methods of logistics and transportation used in the past are entirely different from the latest methods followed. Let’s have a look at the Technology Stacks and Costs in Developing Logistics and Transportation Apps! One of the greatest examples includes the ever growing Mobile Application Development, which … [Continue reading]

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