Affiliate Program for Taxi Booking Platforms

Affiliate programs have been linked with taxi booking platforms for quite some time now. And it has proved worth for all the participants who are active members of the taxi business. It may be a customer, the owner, or the service provider like taxi drivers, etc. Affiliate programs for taxi booking software can be linked with almost all types of websites related to travel and tourism activities. The online taxi booking … [Continue reading]

Why Traditional Taxi Services Can No Longer Survive Without Taxi Dispatch Software?

Why a Taxi Dispatch Software is the need of the hour for your taxi business? Till the recent past, there were no major updations in the taxi industry apart from the cabs or taxis becoming advanced. But with the advancement of technology and its integration into the taxi industry, there came the taxi dispatch software like Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc. And these apps have made the process of taxi booking fast, efficient … [Continue reading]

Uber Business Model- How It Works

  We can’t imagine those days where it was a nightmare to commute to the office or any party. It was those days where we used to wait for taxis along the roadside for our requirements. All these were changed with the opening of the online cab service in the taxi business industry. It made a revolutionary change in the taxi industry. You may wonder how it works well to … [Continue reading]

How Taxi Business has Travelled from In-car Systems to Smartphones

Taxi Business has changed a lot from the olden days to the present day!  Well, in this blog, we will see How taxi business has traveled from In-car systems to smartphones. Taxis have always been the most preferred option of travel for most of the people through, who does not own a car during that time or at all! The working format of normal taxis are you call a local … [Continue reading]

Changing roles of taxi now and in the future

  Taxi! This was the word that we all used to shout in the streets whenever we required a vehicle for our transportation needs. Those days are almost gone (even though it’s still there in some parts of the world). Automation has begun to transform the entire fields, and the taxi industry is not different too. The automation of the taxi industry has been a boon to the taxi company … [Continue reading]

Technology Stacks and Costs in Developing Logistics and Transportation Apps

  Technology has been changing everything ever since its boom! And the case with logistics and transportation are no exception to this. The various methods of logistics and transportation used in the past are entirely different from the latest methods followed. Let’s have a look at the Technology Stacks and Costs in Developing Logistics and Transportation Apps! One of the greatest examples includes the ever growing Mobile Application Development, which … [Continue reading]

Top Benefits of AI Driven Taxi Booking Services

  The greatest development that the next decade will witness would probably be self-driven cars. We will take that to the next level and in this blog, we shall throw light on the top benefits of AI-Driven Taxi Booking Services. Infinite Cab provides Taxi Dispatch Software with different integrations to make the software more efficient and effective. Artificial Intelligence has made rapid strides in the last decade and in the … [Continue reading]

How to buy Best Taxi Dispatch Software – Guidelines

  Taxi businesses are on a golden space now due to the advent of taxi dispatch software. It enables the easy dispatch of a taxi in the most accurate manner due to the perfect location detection and conveyance of the details to the drivers in a timely manner. If you are looking forward to starting your online taxi business, I am sure you will be baffled. There are a lot … [Continue reading]

Why do Taxi Businesses need to invest in On-demand Taxi Dispatch App?

Tight competition from the On Demand Taxi Dispatch apps like Uber and Ola has created serious challenges for the taxi businesses. Thanks to their taxi dispatch apps, booking a cab is now just a tap away! Traditional taxi businesses are hence facing a hard time since their customers are moving towards these app-based cab hailing services which offer a much better taxi booking experience. While many taxi and cab companies are … [Continue reading]

On-demand Transportation Software: – A way to start a Taxi Business

On-demand Transportation Software is making headlines in the tech circle these days, all thanks to mobile phones and internet connectivity taking over our lives more than ever. The service, coupled with on-demand transportation software is estimated to be worth at least $290.3 billion by 2015. Now, that is huge, isn’t it? Well, the transportation industry is thriving on the on-demand transportation services. Let us see what exactly is an on-demand … [Continue reading]

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