Check out the top 10 features of Uber Taxi That Every Taxi Business Startups Must Know below!

And hope it would be a helpful guide for those taxi startups, which want to develop a successful taxi dispatch software & mobile apps like Uber, Ola, and Lyft.

This blog will be dealing with the top 10 features that online taxi business startups can accommodate in their taxi app and hence be successful!

Our sales team does get calls on various inquiries related to building an Uber-like app on a regular basis. Also, our mobile application development team is highly experienced in developing Uber-like taxi apps.

And hence this blog is a collection of the information picked up from our experts so that it would be useful for the persons who are planning to develop a taxi startup business of their own.

The idea of building a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola is widespread.

Indeed, Uber is a huge success in the world market and they have redefined the entire concept of taxi industry with its customer-centric services.

Now let’s delve into the top 10 features.


1. Maps & Location Services

This service is one of the most primary features to have in your Uber-like app. Maps and location services allow users to convey their exact location to the cab drivers. And also, it shows the route which we are opting for a particular trip. And hence your app must be able to leverage the power of GPS tracking and Google maps to find your exact location on the map. It allows the drivers to locate your correct location and does not create any confusion among the drivers.


2. In-app Payments

An in-app payment mechanism in your uber taxi like the app would be very useful because the customers and drivers need not worry about change or notes of lower denomination. In-app payment mechanisms make the payment process very seamless and convenient.  Also, there will be certain situations in which either the drivers or passengers will not have the exact change and either party ends up losing a bit of money. And this may be unpleasant to certain customers.


3. Built-in Fee Collector

Accepting fees from the drivers can be made digital and one of the best ways of doing so is to pay the drivers in cashless installments. You can tell the drivers to opt for a plan and then select a billing cycle. We can reduce or even avoid the manual paperwork to a greater extent. The fee will be automatically collected from the drivers. The drivers must be provided access to top-up features, current balance, and other subscription details.


4. Smart Analytical Tools

As an admin, smart analytical tools tell how your drivers are performing. And such tools avoid situations where you have to run behind the drivers for data collection. Usage of excellent analytical tools will help you get the necessary numbers and analyze them periodically. It helps to improve transparency, reward meritocracy, and improve your business significantly. The tools enable you to track the orders, missed orders, assigned orders and also the booking sources.


5. Authorization

The creation of profiles must be a very necessary feature in your app. The authorization allows making justified online payments. Without the authorization procedure, online payments will fail.


6. Communication Channel

A proper communication channel is always recommended to inform your customers about various deals and offers from your company. Your app should be able to send push notifications to your passengers. This also helps to convey a piece of important information or change in policies that can be done easier if done through in-app notifications.


7. Auto Fare Calculator

An auto fare calculator is very much necessary for your uber like taxi app. Because there may be situations where the passengers argue with the taxi drivers at the end of a ride on issues related to fare. So implementing the auto fare calculator feature helps the passengers to know the exact fare amount even before starting the trip. And it avoids confusion between the passengers and the drivers.


8. Taxi Tracker

Most of the passengers hate calling the taxi drivers to know how far they are from the pickup location. A taxi tracker based on GPS and Google maps enables to do track the driver on a real-time basis. This creates a completely transparent and efficient system.


9. Ratings & Feedback

Feedbacks and ratings are very much necessary for any business to prosper. And hence your Taxi app must have a rating and review mechanism so that it helps the passengers to give honest feedback about your services. This would allow you to get a clear understanding of the weak areas in your business and thus react in the proper way.


10. Booking History

Your uber like taxi app must allow the passengers and drivers to view the previous history of bookings they have done and received respectively. And this feature will definitely come in handy for both of them. It also provides useful information for the passengers for reference while lodging complaints. Or, in short, it makes the business quite transparent.

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So when you are off to develop an Uber-like taxi app for taxi business startup, do keep in mind to include all those above-given features in your taxi dispatch mobile application!

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